This section summarises teaching responsibilities within the Discipline of Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Hydraulic Engineering IV

Role: Course Organiser

Hydraulic Engineering IV is a 4th year undergraduate civil engineering module on unsteady flows. I deliver material on open channel flows and hydraulic transients in pipe systems. Specifically, the content covers specifically flood routing, St Venant Equations, Solitary Waves, Surges and Coastal Waves and the Water Hammer phenomenon. Course Website

Water Engineering, Transport & Treatment III

Role: Lecturer

Water Engineering, Transport & Treatment III is a 3rd year undergraduate civil engineering module where I cover the fundamentals of hydraulic flows since 2019. I am responsible for the delivery of material across pipe flow and open channel flow the gradually varied flow equation, the use and rationale of certain flow-control structures, and the application of the momentum and energy principles on open channel flow settings. Course Website

Educational Resources

General information on the broader themes that relate to our research activities.

Tidal Energy Open Educational Resource

Role: Researcher

The Tidal Range Energy Open Educational Resource (OER) is intended to provide an overview to initiate students and scholars to the theory and practical aspects of this form of marine energy, defining certain key concepts and directing the interested reader to useful sources for further information.

The research guide is made as an OER by Athanasios Angeloudis as part of the Digital Education module for the Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) in Academic Practice at The University of Edinburgh and is motivated by the research activities of the NERC project NE/R013209/2 : Tidal energy operational and spatial planning optimisation: